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UltraCycling Links

This is a short list of links that I have found to be interesting and useful.


RAAM: The Race Across America

UMCA: The UltraMarathon Cycling Association

The Ohio RAAM Show


I don't have links for training because frankly I am not impressed with much of the information that I have found on ultracyclist training (I am sure that I have just not found good information yet).

For me the best training is to work up to riding a century (100 miles) every day or nearly every day. Doing this while pushing the pace builds both endurace and speed. It also allows for a much faster recovery than if you go out and ride 200 or more miles in a day.


The psychology of eating

Bike Fitting

Seat height (Lemond and Hamley): Seat height

Position on bike for different types of riding: Position

Bicycle Maintenance

An excellent guide for bicycle maintenance recommended by cyclist Samantha Brown:


A great site for comparing different choices for cassettes and chainrings:


Christoph Strasser

Seana Hogan

Physics and Math of Cycling

Aerodynamic drag

More aerodynamics

Physics of climbing and descending

More math and physics

Modeling cycling power