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Team Wolcott

June 15

Keith stopped for a four-hour break after checking in at the Kim, CO timestation (TS #21) at 3:22 RT. He and the crew spent a few hours at the Stage Stop Hotel in Springfield, CO.

Stage Stop Hotel, Springfield, MO

The tracker moved again sometime before 7:40 RT, back on the course toward Walsh, CO, where Keith checked in at timestation #22 at 9:51 RT, with an average speed of 10.55 mph (he most likely rode faster than this, but the calculation probably includes the four hours he rested.)

Today's ride is much different than anything Keith's been doing for the past several days -- that is, there are no steep climbs ahead for many miles. He'll be riding across Kansas, with a gentle push from a northwesterly wind -- at least in the morning hours. The weather service predicts that the winds in this region will shift in the afternoon.

Below is a profile for much of today's route - the image shows the route from just west of time station #23 (Ulysses, KS) to just east of #26 (Pratt, KS.) The blue arrow marks Keith's location at 11:45 RT on June 15. Much nicer, yes?

This image shows the current wind conditions (as of 10:30 RT, June 15). The weather service reported northwestly winds of 5 to 10 mph in Keith's location (blue arrow) at this time.

After leaving Walsh, Keith rode on to Ulysses (check in at time station #23 here was at 14:05.) And there was a wonderful Father's Day surprise waiting there for him -- his daughter, Jane, son-in-law Jose and granddaughter Zoe dropped by to cheer him on.

Even the RAAM Media noticed Keith's Father's Day surprise and captured a few snapshots to share on the Race Across America Facebook Page:

From left: Jose, Ellen, Jane, Zoe and Keith.

Also, the crew spotted this interesting "porkmobile" at Ulysses:
After being refreshed by Zoe, Grandpa Keith rode on to Montezuma (check in at time station #24 there was at 20:02 RT) and finished the day just west of Greensburg, where he checked in to time station #25 at 1:15 RT. The crew and Keith were fortunate on Saturday and Sunday to avoid heavy thunderstorms which rolled across Kansas ahead of them. Keith briefly rode in some rain near Greensburg, but it was only a passing shower and did not cause any concerns.