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Team Wolcott

June 16

Monday morning found Keith riding toward Pratt, KS, where he paused for a one-hour break before the check-in at time station #26 in Pratt at 5:15 RT. The gusty winds from the passing storm front were coming from the southeast and occasionally the south at 15 to 20 mph, making the day's ride a strenuous effort. By 20:00 RT on Monday, the crew had recorded that Keith consumed 12,875 calories in the previous 24-hour period.

Somewhere between Pratt and time station at #27 at Maize, KS (on the outskirts of Wichita) Keith reached the halfway point of the race when his odometer rolled over 1,500 miles. He checked in at the Maize time station at 11:50 RT and rolled on toward El Dorado, KS (checking in at time station #28 at 14:29 RT.) Here, the crew said farewell to Cameron, who departed for previous commitments back home, and Jeannie arrived to take over his spot in the rotation. Also at El Dorado, Keith went down for his first longer (four-hour) sleeping break since Kim, CO, allowing the crew members some brief rest, too.

The team is shifting to a schedule of day-time sleep breaks, but some of the sleep must be done in the support vehicles since hotel check-in times don't usually accommodate occupation of the rooms before noon. After the sleep break, Keith headed on to Yates Center, KS, checking in there at 23:39 RT. As he begins his day on Tuesday, he's rolling toward Fort Scott, KS, the final time station before crossing into Missouri. The National Weather Service reports that winds at his location are coming from the south at 23 mph with gusts of 31 mph.

The crew and off-site fans have noticed some technical issues with the RAAM tracking software since some trackers are not updating their transmissions regularly and others are displaying improbable results, such as Keith's "0 mph average speed" over a 64-mile distance he covered today.

At left, Ellen and Lisa. Right: Keith naps in the van while Cameron snoozes in a chair.
Keith napping
Claudia and Cameron (photo taken in Oceanside)
Video clip showing the windy conditions as Keith departs from El Dorado, KS