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Team Wolcott

June 20

More information as soon as I have time.

This was Friday, and Keith's "day" started near Leesburg, Ohio, about halfway between TS #42 in Blanchester and the next time station in Chillicothe, OH. He checked in to TS #43 at Chillecothe at 4:17 RT.

Data entry error on the RAAM leaderboard momentarily displayed that he checked in at the Athens timestation (52.26 miles from Chillecothe) only 11 minutes later, giving him an average speed on that segment of 322 mph. But it was an error and the team clarified it with RAAM officials with their actual check-in in Athens at 9:04 RT. As he continued to West Virginia, he had only 500 miles left in the race -- but with lots of mountain climbing ahead. (Athens, OH, is where Keith and Ellen first met while attending the University of Ohio.)

Entered West Virginia at 12:42 RT, crossing the Ohio River near Parkersburg, WV. Coincidentally, today the state was celebrating "West Viriginia Day."

Encountered accident scene (near Ellenboro, WV) involving the follow car of #508 Paride Miglio. His follow vehicle had been struck by a motorist, damaging both vehicles. Fortunately, no one was injured, and as Team Wolcott passed by, Miglio's crew shouted to them that they and their racer were okay.

Around 15:00 RT, Keith stopped for a four-hour sleep break (the first since Oxford, OH) about seven miles before the West Union, WV time station.

Was cheered on by his sister, Julie and her family -- Steve, Mica and Katie -- near West Union.

After the rest, he continued and checked in at TS #45 (West Union, WV) at 20:36 RT.

Toward the end of the day, he was nearing Grafton, WV, where the difficult mountain climbing would begin.