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Team Wolcott

Gallery - Part 5
May 6 - "A Great Veloway"
Ellen's comment on today's training ride (May 6):
Keith left the house this morning shortly after 6 a.m., loaded for bear as we say, meaning he had supplies to do a century ride. I got back from my 20 mile ride a little before noon which was about when I expected Keith to finish. Instead, he calls to say that he's found a great veloway, better than the one he was on in Austin. He was making 4.5 mile laps around Lincoln Trail State Park and was calling to let me know that he wouldn't be home until about 7 pm because conditions were good for doing a double century. The only problem was, the restaurant in the park doesn't open until Thursday, so he had no source of food. I had already mixed up his chocolate milk, so I poured it into a bike bottle, filled another gel bottle, grabbed a Jones soda, packed 3 more Nutrigrain bars as he requested and headed off for Marshall, stopping at McDonalds for a fish sandwich for good measure. When I found him in the park, he downed everything but the new bottle of gels and Nutrigrain bars, plus a Luna protein bar that I had and that put him almost even for calories. Still worried that it wouldn't be enough calories, I headed off to Marshall while he continued biking. He did three laps while I was gone and was hungry enough to eat another fish sandwich and a chocolate milkshake when I got back. He'll have a nice tailwind for the last 42 miles home from the park after he finishes the 26 laps he was doing there.

Keith - Lincoln Trail Park

Keith, enjoying a "great veloway" in Lincoln Trail State Park near Marshall, IL

May 5 - Keith's Comment on Training Thus Far

Many people have asked me how my training is going and I usually just say that it is going really well without much explanation. Ultra distance cyclists in general don't seem to talk much about the details of their training. First, it is different for everyone. Those with full-time jobs must efficiently squeeze in as much training as possible, so they tend to do mega rides on the weekend. Since I am recently retired, I can get a steadier diet of miles throughout the week. Another big factor in training is how well you respond to an increased load (more miles, or more intensity). Age is a variable here since youth certainly allows you to bounce back quicker from a long hard workout and more mature cyclists must be more careful that they do not overtrain and either get inured or burned out (when the body does not have enough time to recover and come back stronger from a hard effort). With those variables in mind, since I am retired and older (57), my training has been geared towards developing a solid base with some intensity and hill climbing built in. in the early part of the year I worked toward getting comfortable at doing 300 miles per week and then gradually by the last half of March I had moved up to 500 miles per week. I stayed at that load for six weeks, but it continually got easier for me. Now that base is paying off since in the last week I comfortably did 625 miles. This mileage consists of mostly doing century rides though there have been a couple of 140+ milers. Now with the race five weeks and a day from now, I am ready to throw in some 200 mile rides. We will have to see how it goes, but the goal is to do some weeks in the middle of May with 700 and 800 miles. My experience in the past is that when I have averaged 800 miles per week, the first week I am comfortable, the second week I am worn out, and the third week I get stronger and feel good again. Keep in mind that this all involves riding the fine line between doing enough training and over training which leads to injury. So far I think I am following that fine line. My tendency is to over train by pushing the pace and pushing doing too many miles, but I am lucky that my wife and coach notices when I am overly worn out and makes me back off just a bit. I have been focused on RAAM for 18 months and now just have five weeks to go. It would be stupid for me to be confident about RAAM, but I do think that I am giving it my best shot.

P.S. Only four dogs today, but two new ones made me laugh. They were standing facing me in the center of the road about a half mile ahead. I yelled my traditional "Get off my road" in a deep voice since that is often effective. They ran and hid in the ditch as I went by!

OhioRAAM Show Interviews Keith & Ellen
The OhioRAAM Show, an affiliate of OhioRAAM and the Ohio timestations at Oxford and Blanchester, has always done a super job to promote the Race Across America in their state. Lee Kreider and other volunteers not only provide support for the timestations, but they generate enthusiasm and public interest for the race and its participants. The OhioRAAM Show has interviewed many of the racers, including our own Team Wolcott. Inteviews are streamed live, and OhioRAAM Show has graciously provided us with this link to the archived video of Keith and Ellen:

Team Wolcott Crew Gear

Thanks to Lisa Berra and Sport Design and Graphics for the nifty shirts created for the Team Wolcott crew. Now, don't you wish you had volunteered to be on this crew?!

t-shirts for the crew

Keith is a mathematician -- it makes sense to put a few important numbers on the crews' shirts.

crew gear

WEIU-TV Sports Interviews Keith
WEIU-TV, Charleston, interviewed Keith about the Race Across America. The interview aired April 29 and can be viewed on YouTube.

Keith Gets "Dogged" on a Ride
We were a little amused by Keith's report from an April 22nd training ride: "Interesting century ride yesterday in that I faced many dogs, but I have never before had a dog chase me for 3 miles. I couldn't shake him until I turned out of the headwind into a crosswind with me going from 19 to 22 mph. I hope he made it back home."