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Team Wolcott

Gallery - Part 8
June 5th Report from Keith

Tonight (June 5) - Keith and Ellen are in Wickenburg, AZ, and report that they've found a good local restaurant -- Anita's Cocina. (Even the breakfast menu looks yummy!) Keith also provided this report from his riding today:

Today was a real confidence builder. With the temperature in the high 90's I first climbed Yarnel grade (1800 feet) and then did a second hour riding west of Congress, AZ. The climb seemed easy and the heat around Congress was not a problem. Of course the next time I climb Yarnel grade it will be after riding 400 miles through the desert and it will not be as easy. Tomorrow afternoon we will be riding down the glass elevator just outside Borrego Springs. It will be good to be familiar with that 3,000 foot descent before racing it on RAAM.

Congress, AZ
Keith and Ellen at a brief stop in Congress, AZ, on June 5 - (RAAM Timestation #6 is located at Congress)
Keith & Ellen - on the way west - at Congress, AZ