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Team Wolcott

June 14

After cresting the Great Divide at Wolf Creek Pass around 4:00 am RT, Keith took a four-hour break and rested with the crew at a hotel down the eastern side at South Fork, CO. He then made the descent from Wolf Creek Pass the next "day," departing from the point where he left the route and then riding down to the South Fork time station for a check in (9:24 RT.)

Below is a graphic to help you visualize Keith's ride today (Sat., Jun 14) -- In the morning, he crossed the San Luis Valley, where he got a little push from tailwinds. (His average speed between the South Fork and Alamosa time stations was 19.83 mph, the fastest he has ridden any leg of the route so far.) He checked in at the Alamosa time station at 11:45 RT then continued toward La Veta, CO. Where the course turned to the south, he again started a climb up the mountain and battled some cross-winds. He crested Cucharas Pass and made good time on the decsent from there, arriving at the Trinidad, CO, time station at 22:00 RT. As the "RAAM day" draws to a close, Keith is nearing the time station at Kim, CO, and may go further before a planned 4-hour break somewhere between Kim and Walsh, CO.

This screen shot below shows Keith's position (#509) at 10:12 RT.

Keith makes good time on the descent from Cucharas Pass
Lisa: It's windy out there!
Crew members grab a chance to sleep when they are not on duty (above: Lisa)
Christine catches a few winks on a cot in the parking lot.

Most pitstops are only brief, 5-minute breaks, but every couple of hours, Keith gets a 30-minute break and lies down on the cot inside the follow vehicle. Every 20 hours, he gets a four-hour break with a chance to sleep in a hotel or the RV.