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Team Wolcott

June 18
The day started somewhere between Jefferson City and Washington, MO, where Keith checked in to time station #34 at 2:08 RT. He pressed on to the Mississippi River time station.

At 8:09 RT, Keith left the state of Missouri, crossing the Clark Bridge at Alton and entering Illinois. (The Mississippi River time station was a cutoff point for RAAM racers. The men's solo racers age 59 and under are required to reach that time station in 192 hours from their departure from Oceanside to be considered qualified finishers at Annapolis.) The winds shifted to have a south-southwest direction, and the heat and humidity built. The high temperature on today's ride was 92 degrees. Keith checked into the Greenville, IL, time station (#36) at 12:30 RT and picked up speed, heading into Effingham at 17 mph.

What an awesome show of support at the Effingham time station today! Below, you see Keith (wearing his ice jersey), approaching the time station while fans cheer him on.

Fans at the Effingham time station. Keith check in here at 15:37 RT.

Effingham friends and co-workers of crew member Lisa Berra. Sport Design and Graphics is graciously sponsoring Keith's ride and printed T-shirts to help support Team Wolcott.


Uphill Grind co-owner Dick Reimers with team member Sheila Simons - Uphill Grind is also a Team Wolcott sponsor.


Some of the Team Wolcott crew members from Charleston, IL, meet up at the Effingham time station. In back: Jeannie, Steve, Molly, Judy, and Lori. Cameron and Claudia (import fom PA) in front.

After a four-hour sleep break in Effingham, Keith was ready to get back on the course around 7:00 pm local time. Below, Christine readies his bike.


Ellen checks the radio headset on Keith's helmet to make sure it is on.


At 20:08 RT, Keith is back on the course, departing Effingham (here, he waits for the support vehicle of racer #441, Joan Deitchman, to pass by.)

At the end of the day, Keith was leaving Illinois, checking in at the Sullivan, IN, time station (#38) at 1:12 RT.