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Team Wolcott

June 21

This was Saturday - more info and photos when I have a chance to catch up.

Keith's day began near Grafton, WV, where he checked into TS #46 at 0:56 RT. He quickly began climb (after climb, after climb.)

Check-in at the McHenry time station at 7:18 RT. Short rest (about an hour?) after the check-in. (About 250 miles of racing remains.)

Fantastic descent of Big Savage Mountain in the fog.

Checked in at Cumberland, MD time station #48 at 12:28 RT. Continued toward Hancock, MD. Took a brief (one-hour) sleep break in Hancock, before checking in at TS#49 at 18:13 RT. Continued toward Rouzerville, PA, with the intention of making a crew switch around midnight and continuing to ride (need to make a cut-off time at Mount Airy, MD, 77 miles after Rouzerville at 10:00 RT on Sunday.)

The race continues... Will he make it?