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Team Wolcott

Gallery - Part 2
Working on the Bikes

What better to do on a cold winter day than to bring all your toys into the living room and play with them? This is just exactly what Keith had in mind.

A few days last week offered the opportunity for some outdoor riding, but the weather forecast is back in the single digits again with a "wintery mix" on the way for the coming weekend. We're all very eager for more spring-like weather!

working on the bikes
Blast from the Past
Keith and Ellen's great adventure
Just in case there is any doubt about whether or not Keith and Ellen have the proper perspective to undertake the ruthless challenges of an adventure such as RAAM, we offer this evidence at the left. During one of our training sessions, a crew member came across this photo of them in an earlier life as swashbuckling pirates!
Indoor Movie Marathon Triathalon
Indoor training setup
We've been having some extreme winter weather in eastern Illinois, with sub-zero temperatures, high winds and snowfall events which have so far closed schools and businesses in January and February. Keith reports that he was "getting a little burnt out with my regular regimen and tired of all that snow outside and the cold garage." So, he decided to do something different. He moved the treadmill and the stationary bike from the garage into the living room. Then he lined the rowing machine up with the other equipment and did a "movie marathon triathlon." He watched "The Last Samurai," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "The Green Mile," and "Gladiator" while doing 3,000 strokes on the rowing machine, 7 miles on the treadmill and 100 miles on the bike. He claims it was a fun way to get some good training in (but we're waiting till he produces movie reviews before we opt to replicate this plan.) Nevertheless, we appreciate Keith's never-ending innovative ways to challenge himself. Above is a photo of the setup.
February Crew Training Session

Keith & Ellen hosted a short indoor session for some basics on wheel and tire changes, etc. Even though most of us have done these things before, we learned a lot about how to do it better and faster.

After Keith demontrated some techniques, each person present had the chance to try the procedure. With practice, we'll get better and faster. Crew members who weren't able to make this session are welcome to ask the "students" in the February training to teach them what they learned. It will helps us remember and retain what we learned. More sessions coming in the future.

Februrary crew training
Inserting tire lever
Keith explains some basics
Inserting a tire lever
Using tire lever
Removing the tube
Using lever to lift tire away from wheel
Extracting the deflated tube from the tire
Refitting the tire to the wheel
Applying lube
Refitting the tire back on the wheel
Applying lube to the chain
Marcus checking tire
Kathy changes a tire
Marcus checks inside the tire
Keith watches as Kathy works on changing a tire